It is my belief, not necessarily shared by all my team, that spiritual matters are important. Spirit can be defined as the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

The human, while being mortal, cannot deny the spiritual aspect of living. When you enjoy a breathtaking view, when you appreciate a beautiful piece of art, when you feel uplifted by a musical score, then you are experiencing the spiritual dimension of the human being.

When you love unconditionally, when you raise your mind to ponder the majesty of nature - in its mightiness (volcanic eruptions) and minuteness (the dandelion breaking through the tarmacadam pathway) - , when you ponder the great mysteries of life, then you have raised your heart and mind to a spiritual level.

At that spiritual level one realises that not all of our desires or needs or wants can be truly satisfied - there is still a yearning for the full explosion of happiness that can only come when the corporeal and incorporeal elements of our being are in unison.

I recognise that religion and spirituality are often confused - they are not a tautology. Religion can exist, as events have shown us, with a complete and utter absence of spirituality. Likewise, one can be deeply spiritual without the presence of organised religion in your life.

I believe that, while travelling the highway of life, the practice of a religion can provide both signposts and milestones to help us along the way. In that respect the next page of this website, entitled "
Laudate Dominum", provides sources of inspiration which may help to enrich your spirit. While being Christian in nature, an ecumenical approach has been adopted. Links have been provided to external websites which promote prayer as a means of raising your mind to spiritual matters.

Laudate Dominum
also contains the Gospel from today's Mass, and a verse from the Bible.

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